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Latest News

Kiln Dried Logs
Top Grade Logs now distribute Kiln Dried Logs in the same efficient, cost efective and succesful format as our seasoned firewood. Dried in a kiln for upto 7 days reducing the moisture content below 20%, all logs are native hardwoods and are cut and split to 10" in length. These dry logs are perfect for immediate ...

Top Grade Log Stores at Lowden Garden Centre
See a typical 2 cube log store at Lowden Garden Centre. Lowden on the Bath Road near Melksham are displaying the log store stacked with logs. The garden centre uses our logs for both heating in the restaurant/shop and for cooking in its pizza oven. 

Wood Fired Hot Tubs
Top Grade Logs will soon be promoting Isbjorn Wood Fired Hot Tubs. These beautifully crafted wooden Hot Tubs are heated by firewood and reaches 38 degrees in just 2 hours. Top Grade Logs are currently setting up an isbjorn Hot Tub for viewing along with Top Grade Log Stores. The New Hot Tub should be able to be viewed ...

Top Grade Log Stores - delivering across the South of England.
Top Grade Log Stores are increasing in popularity. Our custom made log stores are being dispatched every week. The log stores are secure, strong and carefully made with the clients bespoke measurements. Our log store also look the part and become a display feature, as mentioned by many customers. Topgrade Log stores are ...